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A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy insurance claims attorney can provide substantial assistance to property owners whose insurance carriers have refused to pay out claims arising from storm damage.

At Doyle Dennis LLP, our attorneys have helped clients throughout the United States who became involved in insurance disputes as a result of insurers who failed to live up to their contractual obligations. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent commercial property owners in New Jersey and surrounding areas to help facilitate timely and fair resolutions to insurance disputes.

When Can an Attorney Help With a Storm Damage Claim?

A lawyer generally becomes involved after an insurance carrier has refused to pay out a claim to a policyholder for damage that the insurance contract dictates should be covered. Attorneys can also assist clients in situations when:

  • Insurance companies have unfairly delayed claims payouts
  • Insurers have imposed cumbersome burdens not outlined in the insurance contract
  • Insurance companies have significantly undervalued the costs of repair or rebuilding of structures
  • Insurance companies have refused to approve payment for replacement costs of structures damaged beyond repair
  • Insurers have denied legitimate claims that the insurance policy covers
  • Insurers have undervalued or denied business interruption claims when storm damage resulted in a loss of income to covered policyholders

The actions of insurance companies in any of these situations can constitute a violation of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing that is inherent in every contract of insurance. A violation of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing creates a legal cause of action for policyholders called a bad faith claim.

Still Waiting for Your Sandy Insurance Claim to Be Paid in New Jersey?

A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy insurance losses attorney can assist clients in resolving insurance disputes by bringing a bad faith claim to obtain compensation both for covered losses as well as for any additional resulting damage that arises from the insurer’s delay or denial of the claim.

A delay in paying for exterior damage, roof damage or other storm damage, for example, can result in the value of the property being reduced, in further structural damages to the property, in a lengthy interruption of business or other hardships for commercial property owners. These losses should be borne by the insurance carrier that caused the financial hardship by denying payment.

The insured whose claim is denied may also be entitled to compensation for attorneys’ fees, emotional distress and even punitive damages in certain cases where an insurer has acted egregiously in denying claims.

At Doyle Dennis LLP, our attorneys are skilled litigators who are ready to go to court to pursue a bad faith claim advocating for the insured.

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At Doyle Dennis LLP, we have extensive experience representing business owners and commercial property owners who have disputes with their insurance carriers. We are strong advocates for our clients and fight to make sure that insurance carriers pay as promised and fully cover storm damage losses. Call (888) 571-1001 or complete our contact form to learn more about how we can assist with your case.