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Hurricane Sandy was the second-costliest hurricane in the history of the United States, with estimates of total damage exceeding $65 billion. New York and New Jersey were hardest hit by the storm, with wind and water completely destroying some properties and causing significant damage to others.

Homeowners associations throughout New Jersey have a responsibility to residents to repair storm-damaged areas. HOAs purchase insurance coverage to transfer the risk of storm damage to an insurer so financial resources will be available to make necessary repairs. Following Hurricane Sandy, however, many HOAs in New Jersey have experienced difficulties obtaining full compensation from insurers for covered losses. A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy HOA damage attorney at Doyle LLP is available for consultation concerning ongoing insurance disputes for assistance in resolving unpaid claims.

HOAs and Hurricane Sandy Damage in New Jersey

New Jersey communities that experienced destruction following Hurricane Sandy need insurance carriers to pay out for covered damage as quickly as possible to begin the rebuilding process. Many insurers, however, have engaged in unreasonable delays, imposed cumbersome obstacles or significantly undervalued the estimated cost of losses or repairs.

Disputes with insurance companies may be especially difficult for homeowners’ associations to resolve, as HOA governing bodies are typically made up of residents who do not have the time, know-how or persistence to combat big insurance carriers. When insurance disputes arise, Garden State HOAs would be prudent to secure representation by a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy HOA damage lawyer for help with the specific issues that affect the coverage of property so the association can fulfill its obligations to the homeowners who fund it.

How an Attorney Can Help

At Doyle LLP, our attorneys have assisted many homeowners associations in resolving disputes with insurance companies. Our goal is to facilitate timely resolution of insurance disputes, to require insurers to comply with policy terms and to secure full payment of insurance claims. Whether the insurance company has unfairly denied a covered claim, has imposed unnecessary burdens on obtaining compensation or is offering an insufficient insurance payout, an attorney at Doyle LLP can advocate for the association and fight for a fair resolution.

When insurance companies fail to process covered claims in a reasonable manner, they may be considered in breach of an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing that is inherent in every contract of insurance. An insurance company acting in bad faith becomes liable not just for covered damages but also for additional compensation to the affected insured that may exceed the policy limits.

A bad faith claim must be handled by a knowledgeable legal professional who can prove the insurance company acted unfairly and who can demonstrate the extent of damage the HOA experienced because of the actions of the insurer.

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At Doyle LLP, our attorneys have represented clients throughout the United States whose insurance carriers violated contracts and failed to provide promised coverage. Insurance companies have a responsibility to their insured clients to cover losses in a time of need. We will fight on behalf of clients to make sure that insurers keep their promises.

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