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Industrial buildings may be very large and costly pieces of real estate and may contain many thousands of dollars in complex and expensive equipment. Industrial buildings are typically insured to protect against losses to the edifice and to its contents, as well as to protect against business interruption should damage make it impossible to continue operations.

Many industrial building owners along the East Coast have discovered the hard way that their property insurance carriers are not exactly “in their corner” in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Insurers have lowballed, delayed and denied legitimate damage claims, leaving industrial buildings in disrepair and the respective businesses in a black hole. The economic drain on the community trickles down to the hourly workers who don’t have a job to go to, and the financial picture is further muddled when creditors do not get paid on time by consumers who cannot work.

Industrial building owners do have legal options when insurers are noncompliant in paying legitimate claims. Our Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage attorneys know how insurance companies work and we are prepared to litigate your conflict until a satisfactory resolution is achieved.

Hurricane Sandy Damage to Industrial Buildings

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the Northeast with winds in excess of 80 mph and it left nearly 5 million people without electricity. Many industrial buildings in Sandy’s path sustained severe wind damage or roof damage as building exteriors were peeled away. In some cases, buildings were completely destroyed as a result of the winds, rain and devastation brought by the hurricane.

The resulting onslaught of insurance claims – and the glut of policyholder disputes – continues to this day. Insurance companies take calculated risks in mistreating their policyholders, hoping they accept an undervalued settlement or burying them under mountains of paperwork. Other times, insurance companies will audaciously deny legitimate claims or needlessly delay them. When this occurs, industrial building owners need to seek legal assistance and bring bad faith action against their insurers.

A Hurricane Sandy Industrial Building Damage Lawyer Can Help

Insurance carriers have an obligation to operate under an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. If they fail to uphold their end of a policyholder agreement, legal remedies from a Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage lawyer at Doyle LLP should be pursued.

We will hire construction experts to ascertain the real cost of damage to an industrial building. We will document and estimate every piece of hardware and collective workman hours it will take to restore the structure to its pre-storm condition. We will litigate the case and bring a bad faith claim against the insurer, which may inevitably entitle a policyholder to compensation above and beyond the limits of the insurance contact.

Our attorneys have successfully litigated on behalf of industrial building owners after violent storms curtailed their ability to operate a business. Some of our lawyers previously worked for insurance companies and we know insurers’ breaking points.

To learn more about how a Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage attorney can assist with your claim, contact Doyle LLP today at (888) 571-1001.