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Insurance companies have done their part to make it difficult for policyholders impacted by Hurricane Sandy to obtain full compensation for their losses. Many insurance carriers are delaying, denying, using dishonest tactics and making things as confusing as possible for insured clients who suffered storm damage.

Condo boards and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) have a responsibility to residents to keep the property inhabitable, which includes facilitating repairs of destroyed or damaged buildings and common areas. The insurance purchased by the condominium boards and condo associations should cover costs and losses, but many insurance companies have not processed Hurricane Sandy claims in a fair or reasonable manner.

At Doyle LLP, our Hurricane Sandy condominium damage attorneys can represent policyholders who have sustained damage to condo buildings and whose insurance companies are acting in bad faith. Through litigation, we will compel insurers to uphold their obligation to compensate clients for covered losses.

Legal Options for Hurricane Sandy Condo Damage Claims

Every insurance contract has an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. When an insurance company sells a policy to a condo board or to a condo association, the insurance company has the implied obligation to process and pay claims in a reasonable manner.

An insurance company that delays payments to a condo board or association can be held liable for financial losses caused by the delays. In fact, an insurance company that acts in bad faith in processing an insurance claim can be held responsible for paying damages including both those covered by the policy as well as incidental damages caused by the bad faith. The compensation an insurance company can owe to a condo board for acting in bad faith can exceed the policy limits of the insurance contract.

There are laws that empower policyholders in claims disputes, but insurance companies wager that the clients they abuse will not have the legal options to fight back. It is in these situations that insurance customers should retain accomplished legal counsel to combat insurers through litigation.

A Hurricane Sandy Condominium Damage Lawyer Can Help

To take action for bad faith, a condo board will need to secure the assistance of a lawyer. Condo boards or HOAs involved in disputes over repairs or the replacement value of a condo or common space will need to prove that an insurance company was unreasonable in its claim denial or undervaluation. The board will also need to prove the extent of the damage caused by the insurer’s wrongful acts.

Doyle LLP is uniquely qualified to represent condo boards and condo associations in bad faith claims related to Hurricane Sandy. Our lawyers have represented policyholders throughout the United States who have suffered damage to condo spaces as a result of violent storms, and we will tirelessly litigate the matter until the best possible outcome is achieved.

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