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Commercial properties are often large and expensive tracts that must be repaired quickly when a problem arises. When Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast in late 2012, it caused immense destruction to commercial properties up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

After the hurricane, thousands of commercial property owners found themselves trying to navigate the world of insurance claims, often with insurers purposefully making things difficult. Getting your claim paid in full and quickly so needed repairs can occur is a major challenge for many commercial property owners, but an experienced Hurricane Sandy commercial property damage attorney at Doyle LLP can help.

Problems with Hurricane Sandy Commercial Property Damage Claims

Many insurance companies fail to properly assess the value of a claim. Insurance companies also generally fail to act with the urgency that a commercial property owner needs. If you operate a business out of your property or rent that property to tenants, you lose money every day that the property is not repaired and inhabitable. These losses can cripple you financially and you need your insurance company to pay out quickly so the process can move forward.

Our Hurricane Sandy commercial property damage lawyers understand the needs of commercial property owners and can work to assist these property owners in getting their claims paid in full.

At Doyle LLP, our litigators will help with:

  • Policy review to understand what is covered
  • Decisions on which insurance company/companies you should make a claim with if you have multiple policies
  • Making a case for repair or replacement depending on which is most appropriate
  • Fighting for sufficient compensation to fully cover repairs or replacement and restore the commercial property

A Doyle LLP commercial property damage attorney can also file an action for bad faith if the insurance company doesn’t live up to the promises made in the insurance contract.

Types of Hurricane Sandy Commercial Insurance Claims

Our Hurricane Sandy lawyers know that businesses of all sizes and all types own commercial property and that different types of damages can be sustained as a result of a hurricane. Some of the different types of claims that we handle include:

  • Destruction of commercial buildings: If your space was entirely destroyed, we’ll work to get you the money to rebuild.
  • Wind or roof damage claims: Often, there are disputes about whether replacement or repair is best.
  • Property damage claims: We’ll fight to get you the money to restore the property to the condition it was in before the natural disaster.
  • Business interruption claims: These are claims made under a special business interruption policy when the commercial property damage you sustained caused your business to interrupt its normal operations.

In these and other claims, we will compel your insurance company to pay you the full amount owed under the coverage you have for your commercial property.

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To protect your investment in your commercial property, you need a lawyer you can trust to act on your behalf. At Doyle, our commercial property damage attorneys have extensive experience fighting insurance companies.

We will put our experience to work to help you get the money you deserve for damage or loss to your commercial property. Give us a call today at (888) 571-1001 or complete our contact form. The consultation is free and there is no obligation.