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When you are running a business, you know that being forced to close for even a short time can curtail your ability to be profitable and earn a living. As a result, many business owners purchase business interruption insurance.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, business owners who had purchased business interruption insurance found that it didn’t work the way it should. Many insurance companies haven’t paid Sandy claims or are undervaluing Sandy claims, leaving businesses in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic without the insurance money they need to operate at full capacity.

If your insurance company is not paying for the losses caused by interruption of your business, now is the time to act. A Hurricane Sandy business interruption attorney at Doyle can help fight for the money you deserve based on your insurance coverage so you can protect your livelihood and the future of your business.

How Business Interruption Insurance Applies to Hurricane Sandy

For those who purchased business interruption insurance, the policy is designed to pay out for losses caused by any interruption to the business resulting from covered natural disasters or events. Hurricane Sandy is a natural disaster that caused many businesses to shut down for long periods of time.

Business interruption insurance is supposed to pay for the money lost as a result of these shutdowns so that companies don’t suffer irreparable for this protection and you place your trust in the insurance company to pay when disaster strikes.

Unfortunately, many insurance carriers are failing the businesses that trusted them and bought insurance policies. Insurance companies are wrongfully:

  • Delaying claims
  • Making it difficult to file a claim
  • Denying legitimate claims
  • Undervaluing losses that should be covered by business interruption insurance

When this happens to you, you may fear for the future of your business as you cope with difficult economic times. You shouldn’t lose sleep because your insurance company isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. At Doyle LLP, our Hurricane Sandy business interruption lawyers will tirelessly support your claim.

How a Hurricane Sandy Business Interruption Lawyer Can Help

A Hurricane Sandy business interruption attorney can take over dealing with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on the other aspects of getting your business back up and running. Our attorneys can:

  • Review your policies to determine coverage
  • Gather evidence and information to prove your losses
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to pursue a fair settlement
  • Take action and file an insurance bad faith claim when the insurer fails to pay as required

Our goal is to get you the money you need as quickly as possible so you can focus on the livelihood of your business.

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