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Hurricanes are indiscriminate in where they land and in what buildings they affect. Hurricane Sandy, for example, caused more than $68 billion in damages to apartments, office buildings, condos and other industrial and commercial spaces throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

When damage or destruction occurs as a result of a massive hurricane such as Sandy, those who suffer losses turn to their insurance companies for help. Business owners buy insurance coverage to protect them from loss and to ensure they can rebuild and move on after a storm blows through.

Insured clients transfer the risk of loss to insurance companies to avoid financial hardship. Insurance companies, however, all too often betray the trust of those they insure and leave policyholders vulnerable and waiting indefinitely for payouts in their time of need.

At Doyle LLP, our Hurricane Sandy building damage attorneys know how overwhelming it can be to wait for an insurance check that is far past due. We’ve represented many clients whose buildings were damaged by violent storms throughout the U.S. and we have successfully litigated many bad faith claims against insurance companies. We are here to help building owners whose insurers are not paying as required

Hurricane Sandy Building Damage Insurance Disputes

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating weather events in the history of the United States. While Sandy blatantly destroyed or severely damaged structures up and down the East Coast, many building owners are still waiting for insurance payouts and have become involved in insurance disputes related to storm damage.

Commercial entities that were affected by Hurricane Sandy include, but are not limited to:




Industrial Buildings

Office Buildings

Retail Centers

Property owners of these and other buildings do have certain legal rights and protections against insurance companies that have failed to pay claims. Only when confronted with litigation do insurance carriers sometimes feel compelled to oblige policyholders. It is time to make that happen.

A Hurricane Sandy Building Damage Lawyer Can Help

If your building was (and still is) damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to handle the complexities of an insurance bad faith case. At Doyle LLP, we’ve represented clients of all building types, making sure that insurance companies pay in full and as promised. We can assist clients to:

● Prove the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, including financial losses due to business interruption

● Prove the value of property damage claims

● Fight insurance claim denials that are unjust

● Take insurance companies to court for bad faith for unreasonable refusal to pay out covered claims

In these and other situations, our goal is to make sure building owners get the full compensation they are entitled to under the insurance policy and to ensure payments are made as quickly as possible.

To learn more about how our Hurricane Sandy building damage claims attorneys can help, call (888) 571-1001 or contact us online today.