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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm that caused billions of dollars in losses. Most proprietors who experienced property damage and interruptions to their business had insurance coverage, but far too many policyholders are still waiting for insurers to pay even all these months later.

Insurance companies are expected to provide reasonable and prompt payments when legitimate claims are made after a storm. When an insurance company fails to do so, it is acting in bad faith. An experienced Hurricane Sandy bad faith insurance attorney at Doyle LLP can assist policyholders whose insurers act in bad faith.

Understanding Hurricane Sandy Insurance Bad Faith

Commercial property owners need insurance companies to pay out claims in a timely manner to avoid business interruption, financial loss and additional damage to property due to delayed repairs. An insurance company’s unreasonable denial of a claim or unjust and unreasonable delays can cause significant hardship to property owners.

The law protects insured property owners by requiring insurance companies to do what they said they would and pay out claims when a covered event happens. If an insurance company fails to do this, the case goes beyond just a simple breach of contract case because the law recognizes that insurance policies are a special kind of contract.

In every insurance contract, the law imposes something called an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which essentially means that the insurance company is required to act fairly in evaluating and paying claims. If this implied covenant is broken, the insurance company acts in bad faith and the insured can bring a tort claim or civil action against them.

The damages an insurer may have to pay in a bad faith claim go beyond mere breach-of-contract damages since the insurer may have to pay compensation to property owners above and beyond what the insurance policy limit is. In other words, the insurer may have to pay out not just what it should have paid based on the terms of the insurance contract, but also additional losses and punitive damages.

A Hurricane Sandy Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Can Help

Hurricane Sandy bad faith claims can be complex cases to prove, but it is important to take legal action if an insurer is unfair in evaluating or paying out a claim after a storm.

A Hurricane Sandy bad faith insurance lawyer can show why an insurer acted wrongfully and how a policyholder was harmed as a result. At Doyle LLP, we are one of the few law firms in the United States that has extensive experience handling bad faith claims after major hurricanes and storms. Our attorneys vigilantly protect the rights of policyholders by litigating the matter in court.

To learn more about how we can help obtain full and fair compensation from an insurance company, contact our Hurricane Sandy bad faith insurance attorneys today at (888) 571-1001.