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Gulf Coast Litigation Attorney

At Doyle of Houston, our legal team is probably as intimately familiar with the devastation of Hurricane Ike as any area law firm, given that our Galveston office was submerged in water and destroyed. Today, we continue to battle tirelessly against the insurance companies to win fair damage settlements for individuals and families.

Please contact us today if you suffered serious Hurricane Ike damage but have not yet accepted a settlement from your homeowners insurance or other property insurance company. Under Texas law, the statute of limitations requires your Hurricane Ike lawsuit to be filed by September 12, 2010, or be forever barred.

Turn to Active, Invested Texas Hurricane Ike Claim Lawyers for Help

Since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas Coast in September 2008, our attorneys have focused major time and attention on helping people recover full, fair settlements for the devastating wind and water damage they suffered. Our firm has been a stellar, caring and results-driven resource for many, with attorney
Mike Doyle

serving as liaison counsel for victims in Harris County and on a plaintiff’s steering committee in Galveston.

Our firm is well equipped to handle:

  • Total loss or “slab claim” cases, when you need to rebuild your home or business and a fair valuation of that property is critical
  • Partial damage cases often involving roof, wall and other structural damage that must be fully and properly repaired
  • Negotiations with — or litigation against — any insurer, including Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

Determined to Win the Settlement You Deserve — and Ready to File Suit

We are committed to winning the best possible outcome for you — not a minimal, low-ball or “halfway” settlement. Time and again, we have spoken with windstorm damage victims insulted and frustrated by the unreasonable settlement offers they have received after biased investigations of the damage. We are determined to resist and right those wrongs.

Although many attorneys have moved in to try to capitalize on people’s need for advocacy after Hurricane Ike, not all have the necessary familiarity with insurance law, area courts and other pivotal matters. It is essential for you to work with a reputable lawyer who knows how to gain a measure of control over litigation of your case — especially as the September 12, 2010, deadline approaches and a surge of additional lawsuits are almost certain to be filed.