Homeowners And Business Owners Basic Insurance Claim Checklist

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This is a checklist of steps you should take NOW to protect yourself, your family, and your business during the claims process.

  • Take all steps to minimize any further harm to your home and property. The insurance companies call this “mitigation.” Cover roof damage with tarps, cover broken windows with plastic, and avoid any further damage.
  • Take photographs of all physical damage as soon as possible
  • Take before and after pictures, before repairs are made and after they are completed
  • Keep all receipts for lodging and food
  • Photograph and document any items you have to throw away, including food, clothing or other household items
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of damaged or destroyed property. Gather receipts for damaged property
  • Keep records of when your electricity and water service resumes and how long it has been off
  • Call your insurer immediately to notify them of your claim. Keep note of the claim number and adjuster assigned to your claim. FLOOD CLAIMS UNDER A FLOOD POLICY REQUIRE A PROOF OF LOSS TO BE FILED WITHIN 60 DAYS, OR YOU COULD LOSE YOUR COVERAGE
  • Get a copy of your insurance policies. If you don’t have access to your policies, tell your insurance company you want them to send you a FULL copy right away. The “declarations page” of your policy is not sufficient, ask them for the full policy.
  • For businesses, keep good records of all “business interruption” that took place, and be prepared to show sales/receipts for prior months (as far back as you can secure) in order to prove the losses after Ike.
  • Report any insurance misconduct to the Texas Department of Insurance at 1.800.252.3439 or fill out an online complaint form
  • Check the Texas Department of Insurance website for important resources concerning Hurricane Ike.