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f you are one of the many New Jersey residents who experienced damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy, there is a good chance you are still struggling to get your insurance claim paid. A New Jersey hurricane damage attorney from Doyle LLP can help.

Our attorneys have handled hurricane damage claims for hurricanes throughout the United States. We understand the challenges faced by home and commercial property owners after a terrible storm like Hurricane Sandy and we work to negotiate property owners’ claims so they can rebuild after a violent storm.

Types of New Jersey Hurricane Damage Claims

Hurricane Sandy damaged or even destroyed many residential and commercial buildings throughout New Jersey. Anyone who owned property in the state likely had various types of insurance that can provide coverage.

These policies should cover a number of different claims arising from Hurricane Sandy, including:

  • Slab claims: These types of claims are brought when a property has been completely destroyed by the hurricane and must be rebuilt in full.
  • Wind damage claims
  • Roof damage claims
  • Property damage claims
  • Business loss claims

In these and other types of Hurricane Sandy insurance loss claims, it is important to understand what types of insurance coverage you have and what your policy covers. A hurricane damage lawyer at Doyle can review your insurance information and advise you on the process of making a claim.

Hurricane Insurance Disputes in New Jersey

When you buy an insurance policy, you count on the insurer to pay out when something goes wrong. In a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy, you may believe that insurance carriers will understand the mass devastation and will work with you to get your claim paid out.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Insurance companies facing huge financial losses as a result of catastrophic hurricanes often try a number of tactics to protect their profits, including:

  • Creating a regulatory maze for those who suffered property damage to work through
  • Denying legitimate claims
  • Pushing repair over replacement to save money even when it is clear that rebuilding is the right solution
  • Delaying payment of claims
  • Limiting the amount you can recover or refusing to pay a reasonable amount for your damages

When an insurance company tries these or other tactics, it can be enormously frustrating. You’ve likely been paying insurance premiums for months, years or decades, and you expect your insurer to hold up its end of the contract. A hurricane damage attorney at Doyle can help you hold your insurance carrier’s feet to the fire.

How We Can Assist

We can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf; help identify the terms of your policy in relation to your claim; and assist you in getting paid a reasonable amount of compensation.

At Doyle, lawyers are uniquely qualified to make insurance bad faith claims against insurance companies that don’t pay as promised. We are one of the few law firms able to successfully take on insurance companies with these types of claims after past hurricanes, and we are not afraid to stand up for your rights.

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Months have passed since Hurricane Sandy and you should no longer be waiting for a payout your insurance company is obligated to pay. Contact a New Jersey hurricane damage attorney at Doyle LLP today so we can start working on your behalf. Call now to arrange your free consultation: (888) 571-1001.