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New York has been affected by several hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years, including a tropical storm spawned by Hurricane Irene in 2011. While the most severe damage to the New York area resulted from Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, the Empire State is generally considered to be at risk from high winds, rain and lightning from storms that come ashore from the Atlantic Ocean.

After a hurricane, property and business owners throughout the state should be able to depend on insurance carriers to provide coverage for storm damage and losses caused by business interruption. In many cases, however, the assistance of a New York hurricane damage lawyer is necessary to secure payments that policyholders are owed by insurers. Doyle Dennis LLP attorneys can help.

Insurance Disputes Are Common after Hurricanes in New York

Insurance policies are supposed to ensure property owners can repair or rebuild properties damaged in hurricanes or tropical storms. Every insurance carrier is bound by the terms of the insurance contract, including both express contractual terms and implied obligations imposed by law.

One of the most important contractual terms applicable to contracts of insurance is an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Every insurer is bound by this implied obligation to process insurance claims in a reasonable manner, providing full coverage up to policy limits for losses caused by covered events. The implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing is such an important contractual obligation for insurance carriers because it gives policyholders the right to make a bad faith tort claim if the insurer is unreasonable in delaying, denying or undervaluing claims.

An Attorney Can Help

New York hurricane insurance disputes frequently arise when insurance carriers deny coverage to commercial property owners after severe wind, rain or storm damage. A denied claim can result in a delay in repairs, which can cause financial losses due to the extended interruption of business. Denials or payment delays can also cause the value of a property to decline, or can result in severe structural damage to commercial spaces and equipment.

Unlike in a traditional breach-of-contract claim, a bad faith cause of action against an insurance company allows policyholders to receive compensation beyond just the money the insurer should have paid for the claim. With the help of a New York hurricane damage lawyer, a policyholder making a bad faith claim may be able to obtain compensation for emotional distress, attorneys’ fees, additional financial loss resulting from the insurer’s actions, and even punitive damages in certain cases.

The compensation recovered from an insurer in a bad faith claim can be a substantial sum of money depending on the extent of loss caused by the insurance carrier. It is important for policyholders whose insurance carriers have refused to live up to their obligations to understand their rights and get legal help from an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer.

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At Doyle Dennis LLP, our attorneys have represented many clients in bad faith litigation. We have also assisted clients in facilitating timely out-of-court resolutions to insurance disputes, as insurers may be more willing to process claims fairly when policyholders are represented by a strong legal advocate who isn’t afraid to go to litigate.

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