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Those who have had a residential or commercial property affected by a hurricane understand how devastating it is to see the building damaged or even destroyed. Unfortunately, even after a hurricane has blown through, sometimes your troubles are just beginning. Insurance companies that are supposed to cover your costs, pay for your losses and help you rebuild often don’t live up to their promises and make it difficult or impossible to move forward.

A property insurance attorney at Doyle Dennis LLP can help you cope with the aftermath of the hurricane and an insurance company’s bad faith tactics. We know how to get you the money you need, deserve and expect from your insurer. If you are having a hurricane insurance dispute, the time to call us is now.

Our Hurricane Damage Lawyers Can Assist Throughout the U.S.

There are few law firms with the knowledge and experience to handle hurricane insurance disputes, but Doyle Dennis LLP is uniquely qualified to assist those whose insurance companies are not living up to their contractual agreements.

We handle insurance claim disputes throughout the United States and want to help any individual or business who has suffered a loss, particularly but not limited to these states:

Some of the insurance disputes that we handle include:

In these and other situations where you have been impacted by a hurricane, we can deal with the insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Types of Disputes Handled by a Hurricane Damage Lawyer

Those who live in areas with the potential for a hurricane to occur typically have comprehensive insurance policies they believe will cover their losses. Unfortunately, even if you pay your insurance premiums and live up to your agreement, there is no guarantee the insurer will pay out as it should. A variety of problems can arise when dealing with your insurer after a hurricane occurs, including:

  • Unfair and unreasonable delays in approving your claim or paying out a claim
  • Undervaluing of your property or offers of a settlement insufficient to rebuild
  • Unreasonable delay of claims that should be covered
  • Denial of claims for business interruption/loss or undervaluing claims for lost business

If your insurance company employs these tactics, legal action is typically the only recourse if negotiations have failed. Remember, the insurer is not on your side; their focus is profits.

For residential and commercial insurance disputes related to the October 2012 Northeast superstorm, refer to our Hurricane Sandy insurance claims resource page.

How Our Hurricane Damage Attorneys Can Help

At Doyle, we know all of the tricks that the insurance companies try, and we are not afraid to play hardball with the insurance company. We will negotiate on your behalf, work to get you the money you deserve and fight to ensure that your claim is fully recovered. An insurance company’s refusal to honor its obligation to the policyholder is a breach of contract and defined as bad faith.

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If you are currently involved in a hurricane damage insurance dispute, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance to deal with your insurance company.

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