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Advocates for Head Injury Victims and Families Harmed by Negligence

Some head and brain injuries are immediate and obvious. Many others are missed or incorrectly diagnosed by emergency room staff or company doctors, only to surface in the form of memory loss, speech or coordination difficulties, mood and personality changes, or other serious problems later on.

Our respected, results-driven law practice is focused on oil field and other maritime injuries that form the basis of Jones Act claims, international injury claims against U.S. companies, aviation accident claims and insurance bad faith claims. Our lawyers also have experience resolving substantial brain injury cases arising from roadway accidents and other catastrophic events. For sound legal guidance, contact us today at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers.

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Head injuries, brain damage and psychological problems can result from attacks attributable to negligence as well as blows to the head, falls, and numerous other causes — as they did in one major case involving a supply ship captain attacked by his crew off the African coast. In August 2007, a Texas jury reached a verdict awarding our client substantial damages from a major U.S. shipping company — an award many times greater than the company’s best settlement offer.

The human brain is incredibly complex in its functionality and ability to temporarily compensate for certain types of injury. With conditions ranging from edema or hematoma to a concussion or other traumatic brain injury resulting in coma, symptoms that manifest later on may include:

  • Short-term or long-term memory loss and “cognitive” difficulties that impede information processing and speech
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Chronic headaches, blurred vision, or other life-changing conditions that can be permanently disabling

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Whether you suffered an obvious head injury on the job or you have reason to believe a family member has undiagnosed brain damage, our attorneys are here to help. We will focus on your practical and financial concerns as well as the need for aggressive negotiation or litigation.

The first orders of business may include obtaining an objective diagnosis by a neurosurgeon or other qualified medical professional — and then to begin taking action against an uncooperative employer and/or insurance company. To put the legal skill you need on your side, call or e-mail us now and request a consultation.