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Fatal Offshore Accidents Lawyers With Proven Success !

Although the many hazards of working at sea are well known to offshore workers and their families, no family can be truly prepared for a fatal accident that changes their lives forever.  In addition to the tremendous emotional toll a fatal offshore accident takes, the financial impact for surviving family members is often extremely severe and devastating. Doyle LLP focuses its practice on providing the best possible legal representation from fatal offshore accidents lawyers.

If your family is grieving a loved one who lost his or her life on the job in a maritime occupation — whether aboard a vessel, in transport by helicopter, or in a longshore occupation, please contact our Houston-based law firm. Through diligent investigation and case-building, our fatal offshore accidents Lawyers have favorably resolved hundreds of maritime accident and employer negligence claims originating along the Gulf Coast and around the world.

Maritime Law Experience Is Essential in a Fatal Accident Case

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, our dedicated and collaborative legal team is versed in areas such as:

  • Federal laws that may apply to your case including the Death on the High Seas Act
  • Wrongful death statutes and specific laws governing maritime labor that vary by state
  • Nuances of offshore and shore-based occupations, risks, employment practices and forms of negligence
  • Litigation against U.S. companies for injuries and accidents occurring in foreign waters and other countries

Knowledge and Skill Directed Toward Obtaining Monetary Compensation for Your Losses

In addition to the many critical differences in the laws applicable to fatal maritime accidents as opposed to those occurring on land, economic aspects of these cases can also be more challenging — due to both legal specifics and the often very substantial wages earned by people engaged in these high-risk jobs. A personal injury/wrongful death attorney with minimal maritime experience is not an appropriate choice in your situation.

Our commitment to pursuing maritime cases originating on drilling rigs and various types of vessels is supported by our grasp of how calculations of lost wages must be made and presented. In other words, we know how to argue to obtain all your losses in your case. This can be especially critical in maritime cases where special laws apply to determine what types of damages may be recovered for a maritime family.

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Whether the tragedy that struck your family occurred off the Texas Gulf Coast or elsewhere throughout the world, we are prepared to investigate and fight for a financial recovery that truly helps your family. Please contact us now to discuss what happened and your legal options.