Dive Boats and Divers

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Attorneys for Injured Commercial Divers and Victims of Dive Boat Injuries

Based in Texas, but handling injury claims around the world as well as those originating in the Gulf of Mexico, Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers is a widely respected firm known for success in complex maritime litigation. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in the Jones Act and other state and federal laws enabling legal recourse after a diver injury, dive boat accident or other serious injury or fatality at sea.

You can depend on sincere compassion when you contact us for legal counsel. Although professional divers and other dive boat employees are widely acknowledged to face some of the most extreme hazards in the oil fields, employers must be held accountable for safety oversights and other forms of negligence.

A Record of Success in Litigation After Explosions and Other Catastrophic Events

A dive boat accident that has ended, or threatens to end, your career as a diver or other type of maritime worker may be extremely challenging to investigate and analyze. Our work across the spectrum of oil field and maritime injuries has yielded relevant, useful knowledge and insight, as well as relationships with experts that may prove critical to your quest for monetary compensation that can save or improve your future.

We are familiar with the dangers and critical safety measures associated with dive boat operations involving:

  • Offshore construction, underwater teardown, and deconstruction
  • Pipeline maintenance and seabed well work that unfortunately exposes workers to accidents ranging from drownings to burns and other severe injuries
  • Pipeline shutdown requiring bleeding highly combustible gas into tanks on a dive boat
  • Risk-intensive dives that can result in accidents producing brain injuries or other serious harm should an equipment problem occur

Targeting Compensation to Help You Heal and Recover Financially

We also know for extensive research and case-building — with a commitment widely respected in Houston area and international legal circles. Our firm understands that a severe back, neck, shoulder, knee or other injury can have major implications for maritime workers. We are diligent in performing the economic calculations essential to pursuing a monetary recovery that enables an individual or family to rebuild their prospects after a dive boat accident.

Please call 713-571-1146 or e-mail us now to set up a consultation with a Houston or Galveston-based maritime lawyer ready and able to help, wherever in the world your accident occurred.