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When a disaster strikes, retail property owners and operators face sizeable and unique financial losses. Not only are there extensive repairs that must be made to the property, but damage and even ongoing repairs result in a disruption to your retail property’s operations. If you are the owner of a strip center or mall, displaced tenants pose an additional, costly problem.

Even after a large disaster, retail customers expect to be able to visit your store or to place orders to be filled. For this reason, minimizing the effects of damage, protecting equipment, and guarding inventory from any further damage are top priorities. Any stoppage or delay to your business’s operations or shipments can cost your ongoing profits and unique or one-time time business opportunities, and can severely harm consumer relations.

Recovering After the Unexpected Occurs

After a severe weather event or explosion, your retail property may have to deal with:

  • Damage to your retail property’s inventory
  • Damage to water and gas pipes
  • Roof damage that needs significant repair or even replacement
  • Water and mold damage
  • Structural issues
  • Parts of the property that need to be completely reconstructed
  • Cleaning up and clearing out debris
  • Transfer of equipment, products, or inventory to a new location
  • Loss of rental income from tenants

While, as a business owner, you are most concerned with getting your retail property or strip center back online and running again, your commercial property insurer may be disputing, delaying, or denying your business’s valid claim for damages. In these circumstances, an attorney can help your business seek a full and fair damage valuation and recovery for your properties. If your business has been forced to suspend its processes due to the damage, this may also entitle your business to recover business interruption damages.

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