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A disaster or severe weather event can cause substantial damage to condominiums. As condominiums are typically parts of large buildings or structures, any delay in repair or rebuilding can affect not only the structural integrity of a single unit, but also adjoining units.

Prompt repair is critical to the safety and security of each resident, as well as the condominium and homeowners’ association’s ability to sell or lease units. Although it is important that a property damage claim be quickly resolved following a disaster, insurance companies often stand in the way of recovery.

Experience Handling Condominium Damage Claims

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has experience representing condominium and homeowners associations involved in insurance-related disputes, in addition to representing their individual owners. After a disaster, you may experience some or all of the following:

  • Loss of rental value
  • Structural or foundation damage to the condominium units
  • Damage to swimming pools, patios, and common areas
  • Exterior or interior cosmetic damage to the condominium units
  • Damage to walkways, driveways, trees, and landscaping
  • Roof damage or replacement
  • Water and mold damage

Condominiums and homeowner associations both present unique relationships that create their own sets of issues when resolving an insurance dispute. Disputes may arise between the condominium, homeowner association, and individual owners with regard to the common areas, the building envelope, and the interior units or homes. Even though the types of insurance coverage may differ from a common residential insurance dispute, the opportunity for insurers to engage in bad faith activity and adjusting on the claim remain the same. With the severe damage that can occur, it is important to contact an attorney who can navigate through the complex issues of your claim.

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The attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers have experience representing clients in condominium damage claims, working to fully protect the financial and property interests of owners and associations—both collectively and individually. You can contact our offices today for an evaluation of your claim.