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“From the first phone call…was the team I wanted to represent us in a tragic event that almost cost me my life. They worked hard for us and kept us informed every step of the way. I have the highest regards for the whole team and feel like they became part of our family through this legal process.”

P. and R. Andronikos

“they have shown dedication to assisting our respective clients achieve justice. When we assist a UK based personal injury claimant who wishes to pursue a claim in the US there are a number of issues to be considered in selecting the right US attorney….They have achieved results for my clients that far outweigh the awards we would have been able to achieve had we pursued the client’s claim in the UK. I have every confidence in them and strongly recommend anyone needing a personal injury expert in the USA to approach them for assistance.”
Jeanette Miller, Senior Partner, JS Miller Solicitors

“The attorneys actually cared about us. It was a right verses wrong issue. I felt that I could be friends with the attorneys that handled my case.”
J. Priest

“They were very straight forward; always letting us know exactly what was ahead; no surprises. Everyone in the firm was very helpful, questions were always answered in timely manner.”
D. and L. Burch 

“I was a dredge boat operator for about 32 years until I hurt my back…I noticed the respect and loyalty the attorneys showed me. If I had a question that I needed answered, somebody in this firm had the answer for me when I asked the question. Everybody in this firm knew about my case, where it was, how I stood, all about me. That’s what impressed me the most about this firm. They treated me with dignity and respect.”
R. Hamilton

“The insurance company that I had paid my premium to was denying everything…After we hired them, it was a totally different case and we were no longer a number to the insurance company. We were able to get a settlement and fix our home. We appreciate everything they did to help us protect the value of our home.”
E. and L. Bridges

“… fighting against the negligence of the insurance company in my workmen’s compensation injury. They took over my fight and I can attest to the dedication and loyalty to their clients until justice is served. This law firm deeply cares for their clients.”
S. Stinson

“In a world where tort reform has made it extremely difficult for individuals to seek redress under the law, expenses can exceed the amount individual are allowed to recover. Often individuals are forced to become part of a class action suit in which they only people who make money are the attorneys. In this legal climate, we are fortunate to have attorney firms … who are not only very knowledgeable in their field and good that their jobs, but also actually care about their clients. I highly recommend them.”
L. Snyder

“You guys are just wonderful. State Farm would make my life terrible if it wasn’t for you all. I really appreciate all you do and have done for me. I just can’t thank you enough.”
P. & K. Barchus

“If there is anybody that is has not gotten a fair solution to their “IKE” damages I would highly recommend them to pick up the phone and call your office. It is abundantly clear upon first meeting you that every client is your foremost priority and it shows with the respect you extend to your clients. You are very professional yet very personable and I found these traits to be very calming and assuring. It was equally assuring in observing the respect you have not only with your peers but the judicial system and that speaks volumes! Two thumbs up to you and your staff for staying on top of my case and always keeping me well informed. There are not enough words to express my overwhelming gratitude to you for helping me through my “IKE” damage case and for your honesty.”
B. Collin

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