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Gulf Coast Oil Spill Lawyer

Counsel and Action for Those Harmed by the British Petroleum (BP) Oil Spill

The impacts of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, and the subsequent spill from BP’s Macondo well, will be felt for decades. Lives and livelihoods have been lost across the Gulf Coast. The responsible parties — British Petroleum, Transocean, Halliburton and others — moved quickly to deny liability and blame others for the tragic disaster. It is critical that those affected by the oil spill act without delay to protect important legal rights.

As lawyers with decades of experience representing victims of maritime injuries and wrongful death, we must express our sympathy for the grieving families of the lost workers. In addition, we know that people who own Gulf Coast property and businesses are facing tremendous economic damages and uncertainty about the future.

Gulf Coast Lost Profits Lawyers

Skilled Evaluation of Property Damage and Business Interruption Claims

Many have described the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill as an environmental disaster of epic proportions. It is clear that economic damages to coastal businesses and property will total many billions of dollars — and that liability may lie not only with BP, but with various insurance companies that have issued property and business policies.

Applying well-documented knowledge of maritime law, insurance claims and disputes, and litigation against large insurers and corporations, including BP and rig owner TransOcean and oil field services and equipment suppliers such as Halliburton, our attorneys can thoroughly evaluate your potential claim for:

  • Substantial, long-term damage to your business and your livelihood in an industry such as oyster, shrimp, or other fishing; shipping; or tourism, resort and hospitality
  • Damage to your property anywhere along the Gulf Coast, including coastal damages in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida or Texas
  • Costly business interruption, whether due directly to the spill or as a result of a government-mandated shutdown during cleanup and recovery efforts

Experience in Handling Serious Toxic Exposure Claims Against Tough Opposition

The impact of the toxic exposure to oil, dispersants and other pollutants may be severe. Many workers involved in the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez disaster suffered from respiratory and neurological injuries for years, and workers engaged in the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and BP oil spill have already suffered injuries from the exposure. As lead counsel for soldiers nationwide who have been exposed to sodium dichromate at KBR’s Qarmat Ali facility in Iraq, and for soldiers exposed to KBR’s toxic burn pits, our attorneys have the skill and background to face the legal challenges presented by large corporate wrongdoers like British Petroleum. We are available to represent:

  • Cleanup workers, including both contract employees and local fishermen, shrimpers, oystermen and others engaged to assist in the clean up efforts
  • Boat crews engaged to provide support to the cleanup effort, including those distributing toxic dispersants
  • Nearby rig workers who have been exposed to oil, dispersants and toxic fumes

What to Expect From BP

The Exxon Valdez disaster took decades to resolve, and there is no doubt that BP and its army of lawyers will try to delay and avoid liability for the full environmental and human consequences of this catastrophic oil spill. The legal maneuvering to avoid BP liability will go on for a long time, and, as the responsible party, BP will actively try to select courts and employ special federal laws to delay and deny full liability for the tragic effects of this disaster. Businesses and families impacted by the oil spill need representation by lawyers who have experience with these particular companies and who know the complicated laws these polluters will try to use.

Relevant Experience, Major Victories and a Reputation for Integrity

We have what it takes to be your Houston, Texas, and Gulf Coast oil spill damages attorneys — including a record of success standing up to major insurers and global corporations in high-stakes trials.

Unfortunately, many lawyers with limited or no experience in maritime or insurance law, bad faith cases and legal issues involving the government may try to become involved in the aftermath of this disaster. Hiring a lawyer who does not have maritime and property damage experience could be a disaster for your claim. For proven counsel and skilled, determined representation if you have a valid claim, we encourage you to contact us at Doyle LLP in Houston.