Electrocution Claims

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Caring, Determined Lawyers for Grieving Military Families

Losing a husband, wife, child, or other loved one serving in the military is a traumatic, life-altering event no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately, the enduring pain of such an event is all-too-often intensified by serious questions about the true cause of the accident. As our forces’ involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan continues, we continue to learn of military base electrocution deaths caused by the negligence of military contractors.

Dedicated Lawyers for Pursuit of Claims Against Military Contractors

If you have suspicions or doubts about a military base electrocution that robbed you of a family member’s love and companionship, please contact us, the accomplished Houston, Texas-based attorneys of Doyle. We are:

  • Focused on challenging litigation against military contractors including KBR, Inc., and its longtime parent company Halliburton
  • Experienced in cases requiring international communication and assertive action in U.S. federal courts on behalf of serious injury victims and families harmed by a wrongful death
  • Proven, widely respected trial lawyers with a track record of six-figure and seven-figure recoveries for clients we treat with empathy and respect through every phase of a claim

Ongoing Investigations Are Revealing Shortcuts and Willful Negligence

The fact that military contractors often reap huge profits from their work for the U.S. government should surprise no one. However, what has come to light in a number of investigations of fatal military base electrocution accidents is an outrage. Evidence is mounting that:

  • Military contractors — most prominently, Houston-based KBR, Inc. — represented to the U.S. government that electrical work, including wiring of buildings housing our soldiers and installation of power generation systems, would be performed by fully licensed electricians.
  • In fact, these companies cut corners and hired inadequately trained, clearly unqualified workers to handle this critical work.
  • Preventable military base electrocutions have tragically taken the lives of service personnel who were simply performing maintenance tasks with generator power, showering in their assigned quarters, or engaged in activities that should never have been life-threatening.
If you are seeking answers about what happened to a loved one electrocuted on a military base, we will welcome and respond to your call or e-mail. Our lawyers consider it an honor to counsel and represent people like you, in an effort to uncover the truth, expose inexcusable negligence and recover monetary compensation to help improve your family’s future.