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Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Lawyer

A high percentage of small business owners, entrepreneurs and franchisees in South Texas and nationwide are scrapping harder than ever to operate profitably in a tough economy. Any storm, fire or other disastrous event that forces you to close down — even for a few weeks — can be catastrophic, as you can lose not only steady income but customer loyalty and key one-time opportunities.

Addressing Property Damage and the Total Costs of Business Interruption

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, many small- to medium-sized businesses covered by what ownership believed was solid, sufficient commercial property insurance have had to battle for reasonable damage settlements. We have taken effective action for numerous business owners in that situation, and we are prepared to do the same if your coastal business has suffered physical damage or will be hurt economically by the BP oil spill that began impacting the Gulf Coast in April 2010.

Holding Commercial Insurance Companies Fully Accountable for What They Owe

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, our attorneys work to build strong cases against insurance companies on behalf of individuals and businesses virtually every working day. We know that deciphering cryptic language in your policy can be intimidating, and so can the prospect of suing a major corporation.

We understand that your case may be complex because:

  • An adjuster and other insurance representatives may give any number of reasons for denying or stonewalling your claim
  • Your agent or an insurance broker may claim you did not purchase the right type of coverage to cover business interruption, even though you purchased what was recommended to you
  • ·Dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating diversion from your goal of getting your business back to normal or finding another way to regain financial stability

In metro Houston or Dallas and surrounding areas including Galveston, Beaumont or Port Arthur — or if you believe you have a high-value business interruption claim elsewhere — you can turn to our Texas business interruption claim attorneys for trustworthy, focused legal counsel and decisive action on your behalf.

We have connections to quality investigators and insurance coverage experts who can help build the strongest possible case for you. From day one, you will benefit from an honest, straightforward evaluation of what we think we can accomplish for you — and we stay responsive to our clients until the case is resolved.