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On May 28, 2013, a massive hailstorm moved through Amarillo Texas. Hail the size of baseballs rained down on the city center, damaging as much as 75 percent of all residential property in the city. The hailstorm has been declared the costliest weather catastrophe on record for the city, and the Insurance Council of Texas has estimated that the hailstorm caused approximately $500 million in insured losses within the panhandle area.

For the nearly 200,000 residents within the city of Amarillo, the hail cause extensive loss as more than two inches of hail fell on thousands of commercial and residential properties. Many residents have insurance coverage to provide money to repair or rebuild damaged property, but by the end of September, 2013, eleven complaints had already been filed with the Texas Department of Insurance.

Many more commercial and residential properties are involved in disputes with insurance companies who have denied or undervalued legitimate claims arising from the hail storm. The Amarillo hail damage dispute lawyers at Doyle are here to help those who have been affected to take legal action and secure the compensation necessary to fix damage from the hailstorm. Contact us today at (888) 571-1001 for your free consultation.

Amarillo Hail Storm Causes Massive Damage

The destruction caused by the Amarillo hailstorm stretches far and wide throughout the Panhandle and includes damage to:  

  • Electrical damage and loss of power and lighting
  • Broken or blown-out glass panels and windows
  • Chipped and damaged brick and exterior panels
  • Damage to water and gas pipes
  • Roof damage that needs significant repair or even replacement
  • Water and mold damage
  • Structural issues
  • Parts of the property that need to be completely reconstructed
  • Cleaning up and clearing out debris
  • Transfer of equipment, products, or inventory to a new location
  • Loss of rental income from tenants
  • Structural and mechanical issues

Insurance companies should provide full coverage for hailstorm damage to commercial and residential property owners who have paid policy premiums for years. Unfortunately, insurance companies have and continue to use a number of tactics to avoid paying as promised.  

Insurance companies may deny legitimate claims; question the extent of loss; undervalue the cost of repairs or replacement; or deny full compensation for business interruption to commercial enterprises affected by the storm.  Insurance companies may also impose burdensome and unfair requirements on policyholders making storm damage claims.

Insurance Bad Faith Comes at a Cost

When hail hits a structure, the damage to the roof and siding can be extensive.  When not promptly repaired, this can cause leaking within the structure and can result in roofs and siding becoming degraded. The value of a residential or commercial property can ultimately suffer because of unrepaired damage or extensive delays.

Insurance companies can be held responsible not just for the cost of losses covered by the policy but also for additional damage resulting from delays in paying claims arising out of the Amarillo hailstorm.  

An Amarillo hail damage dispute lawyer can bring a bad faith claim to hold the insurer accountable for failing to process claims in good faith in a reasonable and timely manner.

Property owners involved in disputes with insurers over Amarillo storm damage should not hesitate to contact a legal professional today to get assistance with their storm damage claims.  At Doyle, we have the experience you need and a successful track record of representing clients in insurance disputes. Call today at (888) 571-1001 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how our Amarillo hail damage dispute lawyers can help.